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Five Star Awards welcomes you to an exclusive world of recognition where your commitment to excellence is captured as a permanent accolade. Our Five Star Award honours exemplary service, outstanding achievements, and the exceptional individuals of your business, highlighting your professional standards and dedication to superior efforts. 5 Star Awards offers an exclusive avenue of public recognition that is marketable, establishes achievement benchmarks, and attracts new business – allowing you to compete at a higher level. A Five Star Award signifies your business as award-winning and sets it apart from all others, placing your qualified professional values at a recognised premium. Five Star Awards – excellence defined.

National Business Rewards

One of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses, both large and small, is the concept of recognition through the winning of national awards and award programmes. At Five Star Awards, our specialty is the design and establishment of programs for national rewards targeted at both businesses as well as professional individuals. Winning a nationally recognised award can be an excellent way to expand your branding strategy in a cost effective manner. This approach can often be the most cost effective marketing approach that increases the public's awareness of your special set of skills and abilities. Whether the approach is through recognition by industry peers or via the positive response of the consuming public, your stature and visibility on a national level will be significantly increased with this type of recognition. Five Star Awards has significant experience and has achieved wide success in helping companies with their award strategies. We have designed and executed these types of efforts for businesses throughout the UK, covering Scottish business awards, as well as in the UK, and European small business awards as well as internationally . If you or your company is struggling to establish yourself beyond the local business environment then we would be happy to show you a path that will take you through the design, development and marketing processes of this extremely effective strategy. We will show you how this approach will bring your branding efforts to the fullest potential while helping you to build a foundation of trust and excellence that will be acknowledged on a national and international basis.

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Industry and professional awards are not a onetime event, as their ability to extend and sustain your brand or reputation in a wide swath of the public will remain in force long after you have won the award. Five Star Awards is experienced in marketing and leverage the value of nationally based awards for clients all over Europe. We have helped large and small companies develop their brand and reputation with for businesses in Sussex private business travel awards and areas such as Essex women in business awards. We can also show you how the organizational pursuit of an award through a one time achievement or accomplishment can help to define a common objective within the organization that leads to sustainable increases in performance. We can also show you examples that demonstrate a real and positive impact to the bottom line as a result of these types of efforts as well. A Five Star Award will invariably help to promote company growth, increase customer retention and establish a superior corporate culture within your company. Many of our clients have found that the process of achieving a Five Star Award has, in many cases, helped them to define their corporate objectives, strategies and even the corporate mission statement. You will be the indirect beneficiary of a process that will help you to better define what the key focal points of your operation should be and how they can set you apart from competition in the business world. It will also send a message to your employees about yourself and your dedication to excellence.

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All businesses have one goal in common. That goal is to grow your business in a profitable and positive way. At Five Star Awards, we have developed awards programmes that can help to channel your corporate energy towards achieving your growth goals in an efficient and cost effective manner. So if you feel that your group needs to develop improved growth strategies, we will be happy to sit down with you and your management team to discuss a tailored awards strategy that will define your short and long term path to success. We believe we can show you how legal fast growth business awards can help you to isolate and insulate your organization from your competition while at the same time insuring that your customer base will continue to grow and remain loyal. This can only happen when there is a conscious effort made by everyone in the company to strive towards common goals in customer service, product development and cost management. A green business awards strategy will complement and nurture the type of environment that is necessary to achieve these objectives. Additionally, we all know that employees need to celebrate success in order to replicate it on an ongoing basis. An awards programme can be a key component of a human resource management strategy that celebrates individual and group success in the workplace. Awards can be tailored to highlight the contributions of individuals who might otherwise go unnoticed. Through these types of efforts, the corporate culture of pursuing and celebrating excellence in the workplace can be established.

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